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ARTICLE I. Name and Purpose.

Section 1. The official name of this organization shall be the Special Interest Group (SIG) for Professional Development School (PDS) Partnerships , an affiliate of the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE).

Section 2. The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among the educator preparation entities represented at ATE.

Section 3. Vision Statement. The PDS Partnerships Special Interest Group of the Association of Teacher Educators is an organization of educators supporting each other in their common goal of forming, investigating, and sustaining partnerships between schools and departments (and colleges) of education to enhance educator preparation and development and to benefit all stakeholders as they work together.

Section 4. Mission Statement . The PDS Partnerships Special Interest Group:

· serves as a forum for sharing ideas among the many stakeholders involved in PDSs,

· serves as a vehicle for disseminating information and research, and

· provides the means for dialog among those who share common goals concerning PDS issues.


ARTICLE II. Membership.

Section 1.   M embership in the Special Interest Group for PDS Partnerships is open to anyone who is interested in the PDS concept.

ARTICLE III. Officers and decision-making.

Section 1. Officers of the Special Interest Group for PDS Partnerships will consist of a chair and a vice-chair.  Terms of office are two years.

Chair responsibilities include:

(1) serving as liaison with the Association of Teacher Educators;

(2) updating the PDSP SIG Web site provided by ATE;

(3) serving as program coordinator; and

(4) chairing meetings.

Vice-chair responsibilities include:

(1) maintaining the membership roll;

(2) presiding at meetings when the chair is unable to attend;

(3) serving as secretary; and

(4) serving as chair-elect.

Section 2. Dues : there are no dues for this organization.

ARTICLE IV: Meetings of Members


Section 1. Regular Meetings. The Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group for PDS Partnerships will be held during the regular Annual Meeting of the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) at the time and place as designated by the ATE Program Planners (and during summer conferences as designated by the chair).

Section 2. Business. The business of the Special Interest Group for PDS Partnerships will be conducted during the annual meeting. Any additional business will be conducted through electronic mail and/or U.S. mail. 

Section 3. Notice of Meetings.   SIG meetings will be posted on the Web site, and members will be notified by electronic mail at least 20 days prior to each meeting.  Meeting times will also appear in the ATE schedule.  Members are responsible for keeping a current notification address with the chair and vice-chair. 



Co-Chair, Joan Ickes
Retired Associate Professor, Sam Houston State University
(713) 591 4958
Learner Dynamics, LLC
208 Ellis School Rd.
Highlands, Texas 77562

Co-chair: Janice Nath
University of Houston Downtown
Dept. of Urban Education
One Main Street C430C
Houston , TX 77002-1001