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United States Maps of
Award Winning Teacher Education Programs 2004-2014

Programs awarded by the following professional organizations:

Association of Teacher Educators,  American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education,
Association of State Colleges and Universities, or National Association of Professional Development Schools

URLs (12/2014) of each organization's award criteria and the awarded Teacher Education Programs are included

Data compiled by Dr. Joan Ickes
Cartography by  Dr. Jeff Lash and Nicole Rodriguez

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The Geographic Information System (GIS) United States mapping project of award winning teacher education programs 2004-2014 was initiated to visually represent on maps the awarded programs.  The awarded programs were selected by the following US teacher education organizations: Association of Teacher Educators (ATE), American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE), American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), and National Association of Professional Development Schools (NAPDS).

The main purposes were to create US maps in order that each organization's data and compiled data could be more accessible for conducting educational research, collaborative work between or among teacher education programs, and to inform administrators, faculty, and national and state policy makers of teacher education programs recognized by the profession . In addition, these maps should serve as a place to start the conversati ons about US award winning teacher education programs.  It was not a goal of the GIS mapping project to evaluate the award criteria and selection process of the national professional organizations.  However, this could be an excellent next step in the process of studying the awards for teacher education programs by these organizations. 

Research method: 

1. A web research was conducted to identify United States national teacher preparation professional organizations which met the following criteria: a). developed and implemented an award for teacher education programs (2004-2014); b).stated award criteria and selection process; c).current contact information was available; d).provided a list of the teacher education program awardees of (2004-2014).  ATE, AACTE, AASCU, and NAPDS met all four criteria. 

2. The list of the teacher education program awardees of 2004-2014 provided on the webpages of each professional organizations were converted into an Excel Spreadsheet. The Excel Spreadsheet data were mapped by location of the awarded teacher education programs by using the Esri GIS program (2014).  The URL of each awarded teacher education program webpage was included.  The URL of each professional organization's webpage that included the current award criteria or contacts were listed on the maps menu.

3. Future plans are to continue adding to the US maps the awarded teacher education programs of these professional organizations each year. 

A preliminary review of the data represented on the US maps reveals: a). a majority of the awarded programs were Professional Development Schools (PDS) programs; b).   four teacher programs were awarded by two of the professional organizations; c).   one-third of the awarded programs were NCATE/CAEP approved. 


PDS SIG Presenters and PPTs:
Emporia State University, Dr. Larry Lyman
Arizona State University, Dr. Sarah Beal
University of South Florida, Dr. Rebecca West Burns; Wendy Baker, Stephanie Branson, Ph.D. candidates
ATE 2015 Program Award Presentation

PDS SIG Business Meeting:
PDS SIG Session Flyer 2015
PDS SIG Business meeting agenda 2015
PDS SIG Participants 2015
PDS SIG Report 2015

"Hats off" to Debby Shulsky, PDS SIG acting co-chair and Sarah Beal, Director of ASU Partnerships  for organizing our first Program in Real Time (PiRT) visit. It was a very informative & rewarding experience.

Rebrand PDS work?
Advocating for a common language of clinical teacher preparation practices

Preliminary research conducted by:

Joan Ickes, Associate Professor (retired)
Sam Houston State University

Janice Nath, Professor,
University of Houston-Downtown

Debby Shulsky, Assistant Professor,
University of Houston-Clear Lake

Kelly O'Neal-Hixon, Associate Professor,
Emporia State University

Matt Seimear, Professor,
Emporia State University

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Call for PDS Manuscripts Volume 6
Manuscript Preparation and Guidelines for Research in Professional Development Schools+ Vol 5


2014 ATE Flyer 2014
ATE PDS SIG 2014 presentation
ATE PDS Sig 2014 Power Point
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    ATE PDS SIG 2013 presentation



The PDS Special Interest Group of the Association of Teacher Educators is an organization of educators supporting each other in their common goal of forming, investigating, and sustaining partnerships between schools and departments (and colleges) of education to enhance teacher training and to benefit schools as they work together.

The PDSP Special Interest Group:

· will serve as a forum for sharing ideas among the many stakeholders involved in PDSs,
· will serve as a vehicle for disseminating information and research, and
· will provide the means for dialog among those who share common goals concerning PDS issues.

(2007 approved)



Debby Shulsky
University of Houston-Clear Lake
Houston, Texas

Kelly O'Neal-Hixon
Emporia State University
Emporia, Kansas