The American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME) is a non-profit organization and 501-C charity that exists to support the unique work of Canon Andrew White in Iraq through Saint George’s church and medical clinic, as well as his reconciliation efforts within Iraqi religious circles. While this is an Anglican ministry, the Anglican Church does not provide direct support. All operating funds are provided by individual donors, churches and institutions.

Saint George’s Church is located on Haifa Street in vibrant Baghdad. The church remains a beacon of hope in a war-torn nation, yet the security situation continues to affect church life—as several armed guards keep watch over the building.

In spite of these risks, three church services per week are full to overflowing. Most of the congregation is made up of women and children, as many of their husbands and fathers having been killed or forced to flee. The children attend the lively outdoor Sunday school as the church continues to thrive—at present over 3,700 local Iraqis.


Canon White Receives William Wilberforce Award